Fees and Insurance

Our full fee is $80* per 45-60 minute appointment and payment is expected at time of service. We accept credit/debit cards including Health Savings Account (HSA) cards, personal checks and money orders.

Health Insurance
River of Hope does not accept health insurance. However, if a client has health insurance with Out-of-Network (OON) benefits, the client may be able to use these benefits to cover a portion of their counseling costs. Clients should contact their Health Insurance Provider to determine their OON benefits. Clients planning to use OON benefits should notify River of Hope they will be using OON benefits prior to scheduling the first appointment as most insurance providers require the clinician to be licensed and not all River of Hope clinicians are licensed.

When using OON benefits, the client will be charged our full fee and payment is due at time of service. After receiving payment, River of Hope will give the client a receipt that may be submit to their Health Insurance Provider to obtain OON benefits.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Some employers offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefit to their employees. An EAP provides a limited number of counseling sessions at no cost to the employee. Employees should contact their Human Resource department to determine if EAP benefits are available. If an EAP is available, ask if River of Hope clinicians are credentialed to provide counseling using the available EAP. If the Human Resource department is unable to provide this information, please contact River of Hope at 717-274-3950 ext. 101 for further assistance.

Third Party Financial Assistance
Clients may be able to receive some financial assistance from family, friends, a local church or other third parties. River of Hope will work with clients to determine if third party financial assistance may be available.

Sliding Fee Scale*
When a client is unable to afford our full fee, the client will be asked to complete a Financial Assistance Form and provide information showing current household income. Using this information, the clinician will work with the client to adjust their fee for sessions after this information is provided.

*Dave Musser’s clients are not eligible to use our sliding fee scale and his full fee is $93 per 45-60 minute session.